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Here, your journey into the world of J-Edi Book begins, the author of extraordinary coloring books and fantasy stories. We’re excited to share the magic of words and colors with you.


Color edition

Discover, Read, and Color the Mythical Dinosaurs

DINO DOMINION Coloring the End of an Era

Furious dinosaurs are on the run in this coloring book, featuring 54 images of the meanest and hungriest, some even drooling! Perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts, both teenagers and adults

Explore the Fantasy Mandala Collection

Our Fantasy Mandala collection is a fascinating world of coloring designs and captivating stories. Currently, we offer a selection of our books available on Amazon, all created with love and passion by J-Edi Book.

Official Fantasy Mandala Website

For further details and to purchase the printed versions of our books, visit the official website dedicated to the Fantasy Mandala collection at fantasymandala.com. Here you will find direct links to purchase the books on Amazon, available in printed versions, specific to your country.

The Future of j-edi.com: Downloadable PDFs

We are excited about the future. Soon, j-edi.com will become your go-to place for instant downloadable PDFs. Coloring books and fantasy stories will be available, ready for you to download and enjoy at any time. Stay with us for the latest updates!

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Your Creative Freedom

A unique advantage of purchasing and printing your books in PDF format is the ability to choose the paper you prefer. You can print on high-quality paper for an optimal coloring experience. Your creativity knows no bounds.